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Construction Project Bidding

The “Dodge” plan rooms are “getting out of Dodge”! That’s right, after “Matching Contractors to Projects for over 100 years” the “Dodge” plan rooms are closing down their viewing offices and are going online to compete with iSqFt®, The Blue Book®, and many other online plan rooms.

Owners and General Contractors - Where can you go now in Phoenix to put your construction projects up for bid – where your hard copy plan sets will be available for contractors to view & bid?

The courteous staff at Arizona Overland Blueprint can help facilitate the entire bid process. Bring in your construction set of plans and meet with one of our bidding experts, and this consultation is absolutely FREE!

Contractors and Sub-Contractors - Where can you go in Phoenix to find construction projects that are currently out for bid and review hard copy plan sets?

Come on down to Arizona Overland Blueprint, 3301 N. 24th Street, Phoenix; you can review the construction jobs that we have on file, and/or have plans printed.


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