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Marketable Prototypes

The Process For Creating a totally unique object

We want you to feel welcome to call or visit us at any time.  The process described herein is typical of how we do what we do when we are creating a totally unique object, this is simply a guideline:

1.      We understand and recognize the importance of confidentiality; therefore we encourage Inventors to create their own Confidentiality Agreement for us to sign prior to disclosing proprietary information.  Inventors are otherwise welcome to edit our generic Confidentiality Agreement

2.      Once you are comfortable entrusting us with your concept, and have received an executed Confidentiality Agreement, you may provide us with the drawings and/or information that we will use to create the prototype.

3.      We extrapolate from the materials that you supply to arrive at a cost estimate.  There is no cost to you up to this point.

4.      Provided that you are agreeable to our cost estimate; we will have the concept drafted in a 3-D computer program (3-D CAD).

5.      When the 3-D CAD file is complete we will provide you with simple viewer software that will allow you to rotate and zoom in on the image so that you may view it from all possible angles as it floats within your computer screen.  This is the “proof”.

6.      You will supply us with any changes, and we will provide additional proofs until you are satisfied.

7.      Upon your approval of the final proof, we will quickly create the marketable prototype.  


 1.      Do you only create totally unique objects?

No, we have technology to create, recreate, or modify existing objects that are in the common marketplace too.

2.      What does it cost?

Since creating prototypes is by definition, unique; it is difficult to standardize pricing.  Simply, our pricing is based on time and materials.  The hourly rate can fluctuate depending on the task; throughout the process, some segments may require a highly trained technician while others don’t.  We charge a fair rate based on the task at hand.  Materials needed are predicated by the concept.  Rest assured we will provide an estimate prior to any obligation.

3.      Will you help in obtaining a patent?

We do not do any patent work.  We suggest that you retain a patent attorney of your choosing.  If you would like the name of one; we are happy to refer you to a much respected partner of a well established local law firm.  We feel that he does good work at a fair price, and we do not benefit from making this introduction.

4.      Do you provide packaging?

Packaging is very subjective, when selling a tangible concept packaging often deters from a good prototype.  We don’t usually take-on elaborate packaging.

5.      Will you help with marketing the product?

Our specialty is in creating a professional looking marketable prototype, which we do extremely well.  Therefore, aside from some knowledgeable ideas, our service concludes when we provide the finished prototype.

6.      Why should we work with Marketable Prototypes instead of other Companies that claim to do everything?

Typically those that claim to do it all, do it all not so well.  Sometimes, some of those Companies may even use our services to create the prototype, and add profit for themselves to the amount we charge.  We feel that an invention is like an inventors “baby”.  Therefore, it makes sense to entrust the pride of your labor with separate individuals and companies that you feel most comfortable with; the patent attorney that will protect you for a fair price, a company that you can trust to fabricate your vision to perfection (hopefully us), and professionals in business that understand your goals and objectives, and have a willingness to incorporate them into a mutually beneficial agreement.    

7.      My idea is so revolutionary, I am afraid to speak with anyone about it in fear that my concept will be stolen; why should I trust Marketable Prototypes?

Together with AZ Overland Blueprint (est. 1987), we have a solid ethical reputation that we are not willing to sacrifice on one deal.

We encourage you to provide us with your own Confidentiality Agreement prior to disclosing any details to us.  By creating your own Confidentiality Agreement, you can feel more at ease that you are protecting yourself, and that we don’t have any “loop-holes”.  Additionally, we take the Confidentiality Agreement very seriously, and therefore we read it thoroughly, to make sure that there is no way that we may breach it, any issues of discrepancy are brought-up at the onset.

We have a storefront location in Phoenix , all are welcome to visit.  Unfortunately, to protect all of our clients’ confidential information, we do not offer tours of where the work is performed, off-site.

8.      What if I have already created a 3-D CAD file?

If we can use it, depending on software compatibility issues, the cost may be significantly less.  If you don’t have it created in 3-D CAD yet, it will be more affordable for us to do it rather than paying someone else. 

9.      What do I need to supply to Marketable Prototypes in order to create a prototype?

First, the Confidentiality Agreement, Next, the details of your concept and any drawings you may have (drawings with dimensions are the best, but are not necessary at the beginning).

10.  How will the finished product look?

It is professionally crafted in color to look like it just came from the store.

Contact Information

If you'd prefer to speak with us personally about your model or prototype please call us, we'd love to hear from you.  Our hours of operation are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday.  Except major holidays.  If you need us beyond our regularly scheduled hours, please call ahead and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  If this is a new area to you, don't worry; we are friendly, approachable and here to help you make informed decisions on how you should proceed.

Postal address
3301 N. 24th Street
          Phoenix, AZ  85016
Electronic mail

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