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Rental FAQ's 






Our effective solutions let you put our experience to work for you; whether through the guidance and support that we provide when you rent or purchase a scanner from us, or by outsourcing part or all of your scan project to our team of professionals.  



Frequently Asked Questions About Renting Scanning Equipment

Scanning your own documents can be a cost effective way to eliminate paper files. Renting a scanner allows for maintaining control and makes the process seem affordable.

What’s involved in the process of renting a scanner?

  • It’s simple, call us; we help you pick out the right scanner to fit your needs.

  • We can ship the "plug-n-play" scanner to your location, and our technicians are happy to assist you in setting up the equipment.

  • We provide a complimentary phone consultation to help you prepare & plan-out the project, and free phone support and guidance for the duration of the project.

  • When the project is complete, return the equipment or purchase it at a discount.

Does the scanner come with scanner operating software?

For basic small format scanning we can provide the manufacturers software with the scanner. If you are looking to put the scanned images in a searchable database or are looking to edit scanned images we can help by providing a software solution that fits your needs. Renting a wide format scanner typically mandates the purchase of scanner operating software.

Why consider renting a scanner from AZ Overland Blueprint?

Scan In Paper &AZ Overland Blueprint (est. 1987) has been an Authorized Scanner Dealer since 2003. We don’t just rent, sell, and service the equipment and software; we actually use it as we are a nationwide document scanning service bureau. So you benefit from our knowledge and expertise throughout the life of your project. And if you want our help to scan some of your project, we can do that too. As an Authorized Dealer we often showcase the “latest and greatest” equipment, so it’s common for us to rent out new equipment too.

What option makes the most sense; Rent, Purchase, or Outsource?

Every project is unique; so please call us and we can explore it together. We assure you that it will be insightful, and you’ll be informed well enough to properly weigh your options.


Call (602) 224-9971 for Help in Finding the right solution for you

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