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We have the ability to scan virtually any size document in black & white or ColorFor an on-line black & white estimate, please complete the form below.  For Color &/or an actual quote please contact us at (602) 224-9971.

Small Format - Letter, Legal & Ledger size documents
Wide Format - Architectural, Engineering & Map size documents
Approximate Number of Small Format Pages: or to many to tell
Helpful hints: There are approximately 10,000 - 12,000 sheets in a typical 4 drawer file cabinet, or 2 drawer lateral file cabinet.
                     There are approximately 2,500 - 3,000 sheets in a typical (12"x15"x10") box.  
Single-sided:  %     Double-sided:  %
Approximate Number of Wide Format Pages: or to many to tell
What is the overall condition of the Small Format original documents?
What is the overall condition of the Wide Format original documents?
Document SizesQuantityDocument SizesQuantity 
Letter (8.5" x 11")12" x 18" 
Legal (8.5" x 14")24" x 36" (typical "D" size) 
Ledger (11" x 17")30" x 42" (common size) 
Other  36" x 48" 
Please check all that accurately describe your originals.  Typical 20# Xerox bond paper
Lightweight/onion skin paper
Torn/damaged (require repair)
Typical 20# Xerox bond paper
Heavyweight/thick paper
Lightweight/onion skin paper
Bound (e.g., books)
Torn/damaged (require hand-feed)
% of project to require special attention &/or flatbed scanning% of project to require color scanning
Processing Location (Both)
Off-site Scanning (work to be transported to AZ Overland Blueprint's location for processing)
On-site Scanning (scan at the location where the files reside)
Preparation (Both) Output Format (Both)
Light preparation (almost scan ready) TIFF PDF  Other Format
Basic preparation (remove binding, light repair, little unfolding) Resolution Required (Both)
Advanced preparation (volume of binding, sorting, structuring) 200 DPI 300 DPI 400 DPI Other
Reassembly of Source Documents (Both) Data Storage (Both)
Reassemble Documents Do not Reassemble documents CD-R DVD-R  via email
Consider the Indexing as defined as the file structure, multi-paging (or individual paging) scheme, and naming for the folders and records.
Helpful hint: Often the existing hard copy file folder & print labeling system that has been established, can be replicated in digital form.
What best describes the Indexing?
Do you intend to have the scanned images retrievable in a searchable database program?
    If yes, What is the name of the searchable database program? 
Intended Start date for Project   Deadline for Project Completion   
                  Contact Information:
Please specify any requirements or additional information:
Please call me to discuss estimate                                                          


If you have any questions, we are glad to help, please contact us via email or at (602) 224-9971.

We promise to not send spam.  We will not sell your email address to other companies.

Arizona Overland Blueprint (est. 1987) is an affordable document scanning service bureau that provides outsource document scanning and imaging services.  Our Service Bureau performs the services of document scanning, scanning of maps, scanning of photos, and any other type of paper scanning, as well as an array of indexing services.  Our document scanning service specializes in large format document scanning, as well as small format document scanning; and we typically scan in tiff or scan in pdf formats. As a professional Service Bureau, state of the art scanning equipment is a must and we use nothing but the finest scanners available on the market today.  In fact we are also the local authorized dealer for Contex Scanners, the most reputable manufacturer of wide format scanners, we also are a dealer for IDEAL Scanners, and Vidar Scanners.  So if you want to do it yourself, we can provide the scanners.

AZ Overland Blueprint is a leading document scanning, imaging and indexing services company.  We provide simple to complex indexing for broad range database search retrieval, enabling your organization to successfully obtain the  true value of the information contained in its files, resulting in increased productivity.  When the concern is accurate retrieval of documents  and the delivery of those documents to several users simultaneously, Arizona Overland Blueprint's Scanning Service has the solution. We have the technology that permits paper to be scanned and indexed (perhaps with several index fields). The scanned image then resides on a CD or computers' hard drive and can be made available to all permitted users of the organization's computer network, or even accessible over the Internet.

Through our scanning service, Arizona Overland Blueprint can convert irreplaceable documents or photographs to digital format, or perform a complete office scan for archival purposes, at a very reasonable rate.  Converting paper into electronic images has many advantages. By scanning, virtually any type of document can be converted into an electronic file. By scanning, there is no need for the expenses of storage space, filing/retrieval time, and lost/misfiled documents. Companies benefit from increased productivity by scanning.  Additionally, by scanning, those documents become readily available from a PC. No more searching through file cabinets, file rooms, or warehouses.  Scanning preserves documents that would otherwise deteriorate on paper.  Sharing electronic documents is effortless across your company's network, or the internet. Multiple users can access the same documents simultaneously too.  Also, CD's provide safe, secure storage of your images. CD copies make effective offsite backups and archival storage of vital records. Files become portable for home office and business meetings.  Any type of business can benefit from electronic documents. Virtually any type of document can be scanned and converted into an electronic file. Converting paper into electronic format makes the information on those documents more versatile.

As a professional Service Bureau, upon being contracted to perform scanning services, we will send over couriers to pick up your small & wide format documents, we scan, index and provide you with cd's or dvd's of your indexed scanned images.  After you review our work (there is no charge for rescans), we than promptly return the originals.

Arizona Overland Blueprint is also a blueprint shop that has a "can-do" approach, in addition to being a scanning service, we are also your shop for blueprinting, copying, plotting, and deliveries.



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