AZ OVERLAND EXPRESS (est. 1987) gets it done right and on time!

     We GUARANTEE that your delivery is delivered to whom itís intended within the time specified. Otherwise, itís delivered for FREE!

     Our pricing is aggressively competitive (most "same day" deliveries throughout metro Phoenix range from $10 -15, and courier Routes are offered at a Greater Discount).

     Our "same day" and routed courier service is so exceptional that you get a great deal every time. We donít lose customers, because we provide great value and perform as promised.

     We are always honest and in being so, will be up-front and forthright about the ability to meet your delivery expectations. If the unexpected occurs, you will get a phone call informing you of the situation.

     We have the equipment and couriers to provide real time package tracking and we always obtain a signature upon receipt at the delivery destination.

     Our Couriers are always Clean, Friendly and Responsible and will make you feel at ease entrusting us to take care of your routed or "same day" delivery.

     We have made it easy to use us too, either call in your "same day" delivery by phoning (602) 224-9971, or Order a Delivery on-line, it is easy to use and takes less than a few minutes, (and we personally respond to all delivery requests prior to sending out a courier).

The Best Delivery Service at a Fair Price!
You get a guarantee that your delivery is done right, or itís FREE! Competitive pricing for great service! The ability to request a "same day" or next day courier on-line thatís quick and simple to use!

How to order a delivery on-line

  1. Select Order a Delivery
  2. Enter in the few fields of info and select Submit and Print.
  3. Attach the following to the item to be delivered; 1) the print-out.  2)  a check made payable to AZ Overland or cash for the amount listed with tax (provided that an account hasn't been established).

Upon receipt of your request, we'll manually email a confirmation informing you that a courier will be dispatched to pick-up the delivery.

The courier will ensure that your delivery will be signed for, at the time of delivery.

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Arizona Overland Express, is our "same day" or next day courier / delivery service. We provide courier service throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, and have courier routes throughout the state of Arizona. We offer special pricing on daily or weekly express courier routes within the Phoenix area and beyond. For an express "same day" or next day delivery right now, please use our free express on-line order form, or call us, and we'll send out a courier. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the most prompt, courteous "same day" delivery / courier service in Phoenix.