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Storage FAQ's 






Paper Storage for $1 per Box

We are a Document Scanning Service Bureau that offers a "Service-Based" storage facility. In an industry dominated by “self-storage” companies we are one of a few in the storage business that emphasizes Service. Arizona Overland Blueprint is not associated with any national chain, so we don’t have stringent nonconforming standards or rental agreements. If you have special needs and requests, just ask we are here to help.

Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions” to help evaluate our service:

What does it cost for storage?

The charge for rent is $1 per month per banker box.

How can AZ Overland Blueprint offer Storage at only $1 per Box?

Nowadays, a few of the storage companies are offering document scanning as an add-on to their business, and don't necessarily have the expertise to do so.  We do!

We are primarily a Document Scanning Service Bureau; yet we understand that scanning the paper is not always the preferred solution.

Therefore, since we have the converted warehouse space, previously occupied by our Blueprint shop. We utilize this space to store projects for our primary business. And with the staff already in place; by offering storage, allowed us to expand with a very low increase in overhead cost. 

Where is the storage facility located?

Our facility is centrally located at 24th Street & Osborn Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

How to get Free Document Storage?

Allow AZ Overland Blueprint to scan your documents.

How much document scanning is required to get Free Document Storage?

The minimum requirement of document scanning is equal to the simple storage rent of $1 per month per banker box;  and than storage of the boxes is absolutely FREE!

Why scan the paper records?

We have dedicated an entire web page on explaining everything you ever wanted to know about document scanning

Why store records offsite?

Think about what office space costs? The typical four drawer file cabinet occupies 2.75 square feet of floor space, and is equivalent to approximately 4 boxes.  After doing the math you are likely to find that the cost to store those files at your own office is likely to be more expensive than $1 per box.

How could you better utilize the space which is now occupied by containing those files? By moving that paper offsite may provide an open and comfortable work environment therefore leading to higher productivity.  It may also provide workspace for additional employees.  Or, could that wasted space be turned into a profit center for your business?

How long will it take to access files if they are offsite at AZ Overland Blueprint?

We provide 100% access (during normal business hours) to your files while they are in our possession. With the aide of technology we can often get the information to our clients faster than they could when the files resided in their own office. 

How to get additional information

Please feel free to contact us at (602) 224-9971 or via e-mail.



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