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Web Storage 






Web Storage for scanned documents

We offer an application web site for managing, sharing and distributing project related images, drawings, and files. Users can create projects, upload documents and send invitations and notifications via email. Invited users can login and view the project information and documents using a web browser without any additional software or plug-ins.

Once you have an account you can create projects, enter contacts and upload and index your document files. After your project has been set up, you can send invitations to the people you wish to view the project.

Image files such as TIFF and JPEG are the safest file types to use. Adobe PDF and Autodesk DWF formats are also supported but may take slightly longer to view. CAD files such as AutoCAD DWG and MicroStation DGN may also work, but are more complicated and can contain links to XREF (External Reference) files that will also need to be uploaded. Most PLT plot files also view, as do office documents such as Word, WordPerfect and Excel files.

To share files with other people just send them an invitation notification to your project and they can login and view your project.

The web site uses a Verisign® SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) digital certificate for authentication and all data is transferred to and from the web site using 128 bit encryption preventing the data from being deciphered for unauthorized use.  So your files remain secure!

It uses platform independent Java code, so it will work with most any browser on Mac, Unix, Linux or Windows.

All you need to access your files is a web browser with internet access

Upon registration you will receive a 90 day free trial account. You will receive 1.0 Gigabyte (1000 Megabytes) of storage space with your free trial account.  After 90 days the low monthly fees apply:

  • 1-25 GB's are $45 per GB per month (the minimum commitment is for 1 GB)
  • 26-100 GB's are $38 per GB per month,

There is a $250 one time startup fee, good for two users (each additional user is $15 per user per month).

Take an Online Demo
An Online Demo is a great way to see it in action from the convenience of your PC.  Arrange a one-on-one Online Demo today by e-mailing  or calling (602) 224-9971.


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